“Agile Requirements Engineering as a Service: the Co-Creation of the Let’s Care Hub” by FHV

FHV has submitted a paper, which is entitled “Agile Requirements Engineering as a Service: the Co-Creation of the Let’s Care Hub”, to the IEEE ICE Conference (https://mdtweek.digit-madeira.pt/contributions.html). The paper discusses the agile requirement engineering process to develop the stakeholder needs into the Let’s Care HUB. Once accepted, it will be presented at the conference on 24-28 June 2024, and will then be published.

Here is some summary information from the paper:

Authors: Manafi Varkiani, Shahin; Maurer, Florian; Sifferlinger, Robin; Kiraci, Firdes; Kathan, Tobias.

Abstract: The engineering of Information and Knowledge-Management Systems presents challenges due to changing environments and diverse stakeholder needs. Traditional requirement engineering approaches often result in dissatisfaction among stakeholders and users. To address this, agile methodologies have emerged as a solution, emphasizing responsiveness to stakeholder needs throughout system design and development. While agility in Information and Knowledge-Management Systems engineering is recognized, there remains a need to define agile requirements engineering processes. The aim of this article is to investigate into the research about what the concepts of agile requirements engineering for Information Systems are and how an agile requirement engineering process can look like. The findings are based on a systematic literature review. The insights derived from this article help to discern existing approaches in the literature, the most addressed themes or methods, and the suggestions proposed by authors along with the gaps that still need to be filled.

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