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Let's Care HUB

Policy Database
Welcome to our curated list of policies that fall under the “Let’s Care” initiative. These policies are meticulously selected for addressing the aspects of student security, from individual to political levels. Browse the hub to see the policies!
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Programme Database
The Safe Education Programme database is aimed at identifying and characterizing relevant European projects and their main defining dimensions, as a means of improving safety in education and tackling school underachievement in reading, mathematics and sciences, disengagement and early school dropout.
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Welcome to the “Library” – a specialized repository for “Let’s Care”. Here, you can access and filter through a variety of deliverables, PDFs, and other essential resources integral to our initiative.
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Step into our “Wiki” section—a dedicated space filled with Wiki entries and in-depth explanations pertaining to the “Let’s Care” project. Here, you can sift through and filter various entries that delve into different practices, methodologies, and concepts central to our initiative.
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LETS CARE Community Hub is a dynamic place of resources and share of good practices about the project phases and its contents.

It will be enriched by the community moving around the project, piloting and assessing the methodology, and the main location of the network of stakeholders of the project. 

Supported and by the project’s  consortium, in this place will be implemented and discussed the holistic methodological approach and the project’s co-creation mechanisms applied on safe/caring schools.

The Let’s Care Hub is a secure platform, with strong access controls and privacy measures like Cloudflare Turnstile to protect user data and our age verification process further fortifies user privacy and security. 

It’s also a collaborative space, designed for co-creation, allowing users to consult, engage, and share documents, fostering a community that thrives on mutual contributions and suggestions.

The Hub’s layout is clear and user-friendly, for ease of use, the Hub’s design is both intuitive and visually engaging, and for any assistance required, users can access our detailed tutorial videos available on our intranet, which provide clear, comprehensive guidance on navigating and contributing to the Hub.

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