Design and development of a Service System for fostering student´s attachment security: a Content Management System based Approach


Attachment security is major to students’ social, cognitive, and emotional competencies. Students that experience secure attachments (mostly in early childhood between child and parents, but also in school relationships with teachers) fulfill their goals and objectives much more effectively and efficiently, are more engaged with their ecosystem, and run lower risks of individual breakdowns, i.e., an early school dropout. Attachment has not yet sufficiently permeated educational systems. Within this paper at hand, we present our approach to fostering students’ attachment security. At the centre is the design and development of a tailored service system, a Content Management System that addresses the relational attachment of students to their teachers. Based on the contextual environment (the Attachment Theory) and the theoretical underpinning (Service Science), we apply the research method of Design Science Research to analyse and evaluate as well as to recommend a CMS for this purpose. In doing so, two analyses have been performed: a framework-based analysis and a Service Science related analysis
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