Let's Care at ICE 2023

On June 2023, Dr. Florian Maurer presented at the ICE Conference the paper intitled: Design and development of a Service System for fostering student's attachment security: a Content Management System based Approach.

Attachment security plays a crucial role in the social, cognitive, and emotional development of students. When students have secure attachments, which are primarily formed in early childhood with their parents and also in their school relationships with teachers, they are more likely to achieve their goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. They also demonstrate higher engagement with their educational environment and have a reduced risk of experiencing individual breakdowns, such as dropping out of school prematurely. However, attachment theory has not been adequately integrated into educational systems.

This paper presents the approach to promoting students' attachment security by focusing on the design and development of a customized service system. Specifically, it is proposed a Content Management System (CMS) that addresses the relational attachment between students and their teachers. Drawing on the Attachment Theory and the theoretical foundations of Service Science, we utilize the research method of Design Science Research to analyze, evaluate, and recommend a CMS tailored for this purpose.

The analysis includes both a framework-based examination and an analysis related to Service Science.


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