Funded by the European Union under Horizon Europe programme – Grant Agreement 101059425

Stowarzyszenie Arid (Poland)

Association ARID is a private NGO located in Kraków, Poland. The scope of the Association’s activities covers a variety of topics. The Association specializes in vocational training (VET) but also, in accordance with the idea of lifelong learning, conducts training for adults. The employees and trainers working in the Association are highly qualified staff in terms of both education and professional skills. In addition, the Association cooperates with numerous professionals (eg. beekeepers, teachers, farmers, agricultural advisers, social workers, prison employees, tutors of disabled people, etc.) as well as public and private institutions from various branches (eg. universities, research institutes, prison inspectorate, agricultural advisory centers, schools for disabled children, etc.).

For few years ARID actively participates in various international schemes, through a well-established network of partners abroad, based on intense past experience. Association cooperates with more than 50 various international organizations from Europe and also from the US and South America.

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