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Inclusion of children and students of preschool and compulsory school age in the education system, as well as ensuring equal access to education for all children and students.


In accordance with the general and specific objectives of the program, two thematic activities are planned to be implemented. Module 1 ''Support outreach teams'' and Module 2 ''Good practices for interaction with parents in preschool and school institutions''. The program is aimed at kindergartens and schools and the activities should interact in the institutions and the parent and family community to implement an integrated approach in implementing measures to improve the outreach of children and students and their inclusion in the education system. The activities are especially aimed at assisting management teams to this end.

Type of Action

Training of management teams

Target Group and Determinants attended

Management teamsTeachers

Professionals involved

PoliticiansSchool ManagementTeachers

Networking - Actors and Institutions mobilised by the Project

GovernmentLocal authoritiesSchools


The programme improves communication between representatives of the different institutions, participation in outreach teams as a result of inter-institutional meetings held and other activities in order to increase the effectiveness of their work. In addition, the programme stands out for its transversality, permeating both political spheres and educational centers, facilitating their interaction.


Huge inequalities in access to quality education depending on the socio-economic and cultural background of the student. To a large extent, rural, gypsy and Turkish communities are a world apart from the ethnic majority of Bulgarian origin living in cities.

Grade of linkage with the Safe Education Model

The main objective of the programme is to improve the inclusion of kindergarten and primary school students
in the educational system, and thus reduce their school failure rates by improving the work of management

Grade of linkage with the purpose of Let's Care

The programme stresses the importance of empowering management teams in their relationship with families, creating safe spaces for both and cooperating with them, being accessible and responsive to their needs.

Grade of evidence about impact and political relevance

The programme, developed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, follows evaluation mechanisms for the allocation of resources to the different centers that apply for enrollment. However, no impact assessment tools are mentioned. The official website does not provide information on quantitative and qualitative data (number of beneficiaries, improvement in academic results, etc.). It does state that each affiliated center must prepare a report on the achievement of the programme.

Grade of evidence about impact - Project deliverables

All the documentation can be found in the 'links' section.


There is no information available on the number of centers that have taken advantage of this plan. What is indicated in the documents is that it is a fairly homogeneous plan, but each school is free to implement it. In other words, the modules are common to all the centers involved, but the centers manage the resources obtained to carry out these modules.


Ministerial programme, school management, prevention of early school leaving

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