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To guarantee the permanence in the education system of young people who have left the ordinary system, to generate a competence development in young people that allows them to continue their next stage (academic or professional) successfully and to provide vocational and professional experiences that allow them to generate a life plan.


Itinerary+ is made up of five main blocks that constitute an integral learning experience
that transcends the classic schemes of formal education, non-formal education and
education for employment. These blocks are:

1) Basic Vocational Training Itineraries in Computer and Communications / Electricity
and Electronics.

2) Training Pathway, specialised in technology and communication.

3) Trayecto Contigo, which provides students with guidance and personal development
figures that ensure the individualisation of learning and the process of vocational
discovery of each student.

4) Learning experiences. These are moments in which we seek to inspire, broaden the
perspective and aspirations of students or experience relevant situations on which to
reflect and learn.

5) Aula+: is the space where it all happens. In the afternoon it becomes the Tomillo open
classroom and is available for students to continue working autonomously in the
presence of their reference educators. The space designed for Itinerary+ is an open and
flexible space in which students move around freely and work from any area with their
laptop. The space has a team work area, a technical laboratory area, an individual work
area and a rest area.

Type of Action

Active methodologies (integral projects)LessonsMentoringSchool reinforcementTutoring

Target Group and Determinants attended

Students (Socioeconomic status)

Professionals involved


Networking - Actors and Institutions mobilised by the Project

GovernmentNGOs or third sector organisations


Cohesive faculty involved in a common project. Demonstrated success based on years of experience analysing and reformulating the teaching-learning experiences that were being carried out. The limits of time, space and distinction between formal and informal education are blurred.


Very complex personal, family, social or economic situations that need to be worked on and that may make it
difficult for participants to take advantage of the programme.

Grade of linkage with the Safe Education Model

Itinerario + is a unique educational model in Spain, because it addresses the needs of young people in a comprehensive way. It is an individualised itinerary focused on the development of the individual's skills in order to develop their autonomy. The first block of intervention of the itinerary is the personal development of the individual, with the aim of counteracting the very complex family, economic or social situations that students have to face. The personal foundations are established that will allow them to develop their full professional potential later on and to acquire the technical skills associated with their field, their "I in action". With the plus pathway, practically all teachers dedicate a minimum of 10 hours a week to dealing with students, which is not achieved in a general basic training.

Grade of linkage with the purpose of Let's Care

One of the objectives of the programme is to ensure that pupils who have dropped out of compulsory education remain in the education system. It is therefore closely linked to the fight against school failure. Similarly, Itinerario+ provides personalised attention to students at risk of exclusion, giving them autonomy and social, emotional and academic assistance.

Grade of evidence about impact and political relevance

Fundación Tomillo participates in numerous educational debate circles together with leading entities in educational leadership and innovation and is a national benchmark in these fields. Itinerario+ has reduced school dropout rates in Basic Vocational Training by 10%, clearly below the national average. Similarly, the level of student satisfaction has increased and significant improvements in socio-emotional competence have been obtained.

Itinerario+: Educational Leadership


Although Itinerario+ emerged as a pilot in Basic Vocational Training, it is actually a project that serves to inspire transformation beyond Vocational Training, guiding the redesign of the intervention framework of all the entity's intervention programmes. In the medium to long term, the intention is that this model will be transferred beyond the borders of Tomillo.


Accompaniment, autonomy, individualised itinerary

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