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Public & private (Part of its funding comes from public funds, both local and national, through grants and contracts for the provision of public services. It also receives funding from private companies and foundations, as well as donations from individuals).


To provide young people with educational support to guide and help them to obtain the Secondary School diploma.


’Territorio Joven’’ is a space for academic support and coexistence for boys and girls between 12 and 17 years of age, aimed at developing all their potential, their social skills and indispensable values for their future life as adults.
The main objective of the project is to offer young people educational support to guide and help them to obtain the secondary school diploma. In addition, through dynamics and activities, we work on other important aspects such as social skills, self-esteem, empathy, the values of respect and solidarity, healthy leisure, the resources available to them, etc.
The activity of ‘’Territorio Joven’’ is divided into:
School support: between an hour and a quarter and an hour and a half. During this time we work on the contents of the course, homework, study methods, organisation, and techniques to improve academically.
Dinner: once a month, each group makes its own menu and a shopping list with which they go to the supermarket and buy the necessary products.
Activity/Workshops/Dynamics: every day different activities are carried out on social skills, self-esteem, empathy, values, healthy leisure, etc.
Excursions: Each group goes on an excursion or leisure outing once a term.

Type of Action

Emotional support and employment and educational guidanceEntrepreneurship and leadership trainingSocial and communication skillsSports and cultural activitiesTraining workshops on digital skills

Target Group and Determinants attended

Students (Migration processes)Students (Socioeconomic status)

Professionals involved

Employment and educational counsellorsPsychologistsSocial educatorsSocial workersSports and cultural instructors

Networking - Actors and Institutions mobilised by the Project

NGOs or third sector organisationsSchools


Many young people finish school by taking on board the message that Balia wants to convey to them: let them be what they want to be. These minors often perceive a ceiling, in the sense that society, their context and circumstances lead them (almost by inertia) along a path that reproduces the complex socio-economic situations they live in. Balia wants to remove that and transmit to them that they can set their own goals and set their own limits. It achieves this by giving as much importance to academic education as to education in values.


In addition to supporting them in academics and values formation, it is mandatory to work on healthy habits and self-esteem because these age groups are particularly at risk of being attracted to gangs or other groups with negative influences on their lives.

Grade of linkage with the Safe Education Model

Although Balia Adolescents' Youth Territory is focused on working with young people outside the school environment, many of the activities it offers can have a positive impact on bonding and attachment work in the classroom.
For example, through the social and communication skills workshops, skills such as empathy, assertiveness and respect for others can be worked on, which can improve interpersonal relationships in the classroom and foster an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.
Leadership and entrepreneurship training can also help young people to develop their self-esteem and confidence, which can have a positive impact on their motivation and commitment to their studies.
Therefore, although the programme is not directly focused on the school setting, the skills and competencies that are worked on can have a positive impact on bonding and attachment work in the classroom.

Grade of linkage with the purpose of Let's Care

Territorio Joven de Balia Adolescentes tackles school dropout and/or failure in a comprehensive way, through a preventive approach and support for young people so that they can complete their studies and develop their potential. Some of the strategies used are:
Tutoring and school support: Support and school reinforcement is offered to the young participants so that they can overcome academic difficulties and complete their studies. Social and communication skills workshops: Social skills such as empathy, assertiveness and respect for others are worked on, which can improve interpersonal relationships in the classroom and foster an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.
Leadership and entrepreneurship training: Training is provided in leadership skills, entrepreneurship and job skills, so that young people can develop their self-esteem and confidence, and prepare for their future employment.
Leisure and free time activities: Participation in leisure and free time activities is encouraged, which contributes to the personal and social development of young people and can increase their motivation to study.

Grade of evidence about impact and political relevance

The Balia website shows some results obtained from evaluations of the Territorio Joven programme, for example:
95% of young people rate the programme positively and consider that it has helped them to improve in different aspects. 93% of the young people have improved their relationship with their family.
87% of the young people have improved their school performance.
These data suggest that the programme has a positive impact on the lives of the young participants.
In terms of policy relevance, Balia Adolescentes' Territorio Joven programme has been recognised and awarded by different institutions and organisations, such as the Madrid City Council, the Community of Madrid and the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. This indicates that the programme is considered a model of good practice in intervention with young people in situations of social vulnerability, and can be a reference for the development of public policies in this area.

Grade of evidence about impact - Project deliverables


Balia Adolescents' Youth Territory programme is replicable, as its methodology and strategies have been designed to be applied in different contexts and territories. However, its implementation requires human, financial and material resources, as well as adequate coordination and planning.


Inclusion, participation, opportunities

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