Telling the “Emoción ART” partners about the Let’s Care Project

Last 12th of April a meeting was held by the “Emoción ART” partners in a teachers’ training centre called “Centro de Profesores y de Recursos” in Badajoz, Spain. During this meeting, the Spanish “Inclusion and Attention to Diversity Service” from the “Regional Minister of Education, Science and Vocational Training” had the opportunity to tell their colleagues for the “Emoción ART” project about the essence of the “Let’s Care” Project.

The European project “Emoción ART” is included in the European Erasmus+ programmes that promote innovation actions and good educational practices at European level, as well as the modernisation of higher education systems in Europe.

Made up of 10 partners from 6 different countries, the project aims to promote inclusion and equal opportunities, mainly for people with disabilities, through the creation of mixed amateur dance troupes, theatre companies and music choirs in the public schools of the 6 European partner countries, and through the creation of performances that show the general public (in cultural spaces in the participating cities) that through Art we are all equal.

As one of the objectives of “Let’s Care” is to improve, in an integral way, the solidarity dimension of educational inclusion and school success, it was very interesting for our colleagues to hear about this project.

We provided them with the project’s website and offered to give them all the information they needed.

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